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baby’s (almost) first hair cut.

amora2a couple weeks ago amora started asking for a hair cut. she’s never had one before and she’s Super into her long hair, so her request seemed to come from left field. everyone comments on how beautiful her hair is. seriously. everyone. it’s become such a part of her identity. the kid is all hair and eyes according to the outside world. when i told people she was going to get her hair cut they were so upset and begged *me not to do it.

“but it’s so beautiful!” “what if she loses her curls?!” “you can’t let her do it!”

well, then she loses her curls. and she’ll be beautiful with a paper sack on her head because the kid has a beautiful heart.

i never want to be a controlling parent who doesn’t trust my kid’s decisions. i don’t force her to wear things she doesn’t want to wear or eat things she doesn’t want to eat. i try to let her feel like she has a say in her own life. if she wants to get her hair cut, i will support her. if she wants to wear stripes and polka dots and tie dye at the same time, i will support her. after all, it’s not my body or my self-expression… it’s hers.

so, much to everyone else’s dismay, i set up an appointment for the next week with a cousin in-law who is a hair stylist. the entire week amora excitedly told everyone she talked to that she was getting a hair cut. and i mean everyone – servers at restaurants, new friends at the pool, random people walking down the street… the kid likes to talk.

the day before her appointment i decided to do one last photo shoot to show off her long locks and bouncy curls. (see above.) i even got a mini hair flip out of her! that’s my girl!

well, the big day arrives and all of a sudden she’s having doubts. it seems as though she’s changed her mind. we still go to the appointment to give her the opportunity and she wants nothing to do with it. such a typical 3 year old flip-flop move. 😉 i didn’t want to pressure her either way, so i respected her “no” and we moved on. it’s funny how quickly things change. so, long hair remains and the kid feels empowered in her choice and i got some cute new photos. it’s a win-win-win.

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