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carlos + gianna. married.

carlos and gianna couldn’t have picked a more ideal setting for their wedding day. we traveled to a small beach town in mexico called sayulita. it had a charm and an authenticity to it that most touristy places in mexico have lost. the ceremony and reception were held at hotel villa amor and it was just flat-out Gorgeous with its sweeping ocean views from the top of the cliff. this wedding was one of my all time faves for many reasons. i love destination weddings and the opportunity to explore new places. i love working with a creative, (super) laid-back couple. i love all the little details that were sprinkled throughout the ceremony and reception. but most of all – i Love these two people and there’s nothing more fulfilling for me than capturing the wedding day of loved ones… and i love that they asked my little blue-eyed beauty of a daughter to be their flower girl. (even though she got total stage fright and refused to walk down the aisle alone! but that’s a different blog post.)

congrats, carlos and g! the whole experience was ridiculously amazing. all of it. now here comes way too many photos for a blog post… i just can’t help myself.

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matthew + krystal :: married.

matthew and krystal had one of the most stylized, creative and authentic weddings i’ve seen. they’re both avid film lovers who work in the industry, so they (oh-so-appropriately) chose the silent movie theatre in hollywood as their venue. the red carpet was rolled out for the guests’ arrival. we set up a couple lights and i got the chance to use my paparazzi skills to photograph them as they entered the venue. most of their guests even dressed the part for a film noir style evening. together matthew and krystal shot, edited and starred in a ridiculously fun short film titled “A Dame To Remember” that was shown before the ceremony. they said their vows on stage in front of the big screen and krystal wore a classic, red-carpet worthy red dress. of course it wouldn’t be a film inspired wedding without the popcorn and soda bar and the (delicious!) food truck parked in front of the venue taking orders for dinner. to say that the wedding process is filled with pressure and societal rules would be a drastic understatement. i so admire how true they stayed to themselves in crafting their big day… and it turned out beautiful. i just love seeing a creative wedding. congrats, matthew and krystal!


patricio + shawn. married.

in october i shot one of the most powerful and beautiful weddings that i’ve witnessed so far. there was nothing ordinary about it – it was a traditional mayan ceremony that took place on the beach in tulum, mexico. the bride and groom are both artists and dear friends of mine  and i’m so so honored they chose me to capture their wedding day. people gathered from around the globe to celebrate and participate in their declaration of love for one another, everyone wearing white on the white sand beach. it was stunning from start to finish and the love on that beach was palpable. i could write on and on and on and on for pages about the experience of being there, the beautiful people i met and what an amazing couple they are… but i’ll spare you the long-winded sappiness and just let the photos tell the story. congrats, pato and shawni! love you both.

mikey + robyn. sneak peak.

last weekend i had the honor of shooting a very special wedding. mikey and robyn are very dear to my heart and i’m happy that i can now officially call them both family. their wedding day was beautiful and so moving. the ceremony didn’t leave a dry eye in the courtyard. yours truly included. i’m not gonna lie, i cry at most weddings, even when i’m photographing people i don’t know well. (yes, i’m a sap.) but trying to shoot through suppressing a full-on sob was a bit of a challenge. i’m so thrilled that i got to be a small part of their day and that i got first row spot for the now infamous cake cutting. (see last image)

congratulations, mikey and robyn! i love you both and wish you a lifetime of love and laughter… and babies!!! (sorry, had to say it. no pressure. but seriously, make some babies already. 😉 )

jill + billy :: married.

last weekend i had the honor of shooting one of the most exciting weddings i’ve ever experienced. jill and billy created a whimsical, honest, unique and Heartfelt adventure for their guests. the gorgeous bride carried a bouquet of pinwheels(!), the table settings included mason jars equipped with silly photo props on sticks, the ceremony was held in front of a wall of colorful paper streamers and the venue was Bursting with love. i mean BURSTING. the ceremony was filled with roaring laughter, countless tears, the wedding party’s own live rendition of “seasons of love” and lots of dancing down the aisle. oh, and a match of rock, paper, scissors for good measure. jill and billy really know who they are individually and as a couple and they know how to have a good time, but what really stood out the most was their love for one another. it was so powerful and so palpable that all of the guests were visibly impacted by it. so much so that when it came time for the toasts 25 people were moved to speak. 25 people! (similarly, i want to share about 25 photos, but i’ll do my best to restrain myself for the sake of your scroll button.)

i’m thankful that there’s people like them in the world who can so freely express themselves and their love for each other. the powerful way in which they shared their love on their wedding day has left a lasting impression on everyone that was fortunate enough to witness it. thank you jill and billy for allowing me to capture it. you two are truly extraordinary.