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this kid. she has sufficiently turned my heart into a melty pile of goo.

island life.



finish line.

as you’ve probably noticed i’ve long since stopped posting daily.  i committed to a new post each day in 2012 and effectively bit off more than i could chew. i didn’t reach my goal. not even close! the last time i did a daily project, it was challenging, but i saw it through and was able to make it a priority in my life each day. this time around it was a completely different experience. i’m a mama now, i’m a homeowner now, i’m a much busier business owner now. and i fell off pace and off path of my commitment here. my life is beautifully chaotic and adding another daily ritual to the mix just threw off the balance of the existing (carefully placed) madness.

what i realized through this process is this – i am not committed to blogging daily at this point in my life. that’s it. pretty simple, huh? i could give you thousands of reasons and excuses why, but none of that really matters. what matters is that i acknowledge my shortcoming, learn from it and keep moving forward.

so, here i am. i’m declaring the daily photo project of 2012 complete. this is the finish line. it’s not exactly how i envisioned it ending, but i’m proud of my effort and i feel confident that it’s time to officially call it quits… and in the next breath, i’m ready to declare a new beginning that i feel can enrich my life, push me creatively and fit into my busy life – weekly blog posts. =)

love, love, love.


merry happy everythings from my lil fam to yours! 🙂



after 2 relentless months of pairing down all of our belongings (+ fur babies) to fit inside our car and a 10×6′ trailer, we have finally arrived in austin. i feel infinitely lighter and clearer already. there’s something so inspiring about saying goodbye to so many of your material possessions. it’s like closing chapter after chapter of your past. and what’s left when it’s all said and done is *nothing*. i love the freedom of nothingness. i love having the space to create from scratch, to choose authentically instead of trying to make things work with what you already have. and we have learned a Very valuable lesson from all this madness. don’t accumulate so much Crap. sounds simple, but have you met my husband? =)

now the (temporary) unpacking and house hunting begins.

here we go again…

handle with care.

i may be feeling a wee bit frazzled in the midst of all this chaos. maybe it’s the lack of sleep, but shouldn’t i be an old pro at sleep deprivation by now?… good thing i got my girl to keep me safe and protected. she’s so considerate like that. =) one week til blast off and still so much to do!!!

movin’ on.

after 4 amazing years in our beautiful house, we are moving on. to austin! we are so, so excited and a lil nervous to be moving to one of my favorite cities in the country (which also happens to be my hometown). both the hubby and i do business on the west coast in our respective fields, so we will still be doing a lot of back and forth, but it will be well worth the commute to live in austin again.

yay for change! =)

oh, hi.

welcome to the wonderfully wacky world of my new blog. i’m going to use this space for commissioned work, as well as my personal projects. starting january 1, i will be posting a photo a day right here. so, stay tuned! =)

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