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baby’s (almost) first hair cut.

amora2a couple weeks ago amora started asking for a hair cut. she’s never had one before and she’s Super into her long hair, so her request seemed to come from left field. everyone comments on how beautiful her hair is. seriously. everyone. it’s become such a part of her identity. the kid is all hair and eyes according to the outside world. when i told people she was going to get her hair cut they were so upset and begged *me not to do it.

“but it’s so beautiful!” “what if she loses her curls?!” “you can’t let her do it!”

well, then she loses her curls. and she’ll be beautiful with a paper sack on her head because the kid has a beautiful heart.

i never want to be a controlling parent who doesn’t trust my kid’s decisions. i don’t force her to wear things she doesn’t want to wear or eat things she doesn’t want to eat. i try to let her feel like she has a say in her own life. if she wants to get her hair cut, i will support her. if she wants to wear stripes and polka dots and tie dye at the same time, i will support her. after all, it’s not my body or my self-expression… it’s hers.

so, much to everyone else’s dismay, i set up an appointment for the next week with a cousin in-law who is a hair stylist. the entire week amora excitedly told everyone she talked to that she was getting a hair cut. and i mean everyone – servers at restaurants, new friends at the pool, random people walking down the street… the kid likes to talk.

the day before her appointment i decided to do one last photo shoot to show off her long locks and bouncy curls. (see above.) i even got a mini hair flip out of her! that’s my girl!

well, the big day arrives and all of a sudden she’s having doubts. it seems as though she’s changed her mind. we still go to the appointment to give her the opportunity and she wants nothing to do with it. such a typical 3 year old flip-flop move. πŸ˜‰ i didn’t want to pressure her either way, so i respected her “no” and we moved on. it’s funny how quickly things change. so, long hair remains and the kid feels empowered in her choice and i got some cute new photos. it’s a win-win-win.

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be mine.


happy valentine’s day, y’all! go get your love on. =)

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“A smile is a curve that sets everything else straight.” – Phyllis Diller


freedom and flight.


β€œHe was not bone and feather but a perfect idea of freedom and flight, limited by nothing at all.” – Richard Bach, Jonathan Livingston Seagull

(one of my favorite books by one of my favorite authors.)


happy new year!


it’s my favorite holiday! i love new year’s eve. and i love creating each year from scratch on new year’s day. most of you know by now that i don’t make new year’s resolutions. i set very clear intentions. each year the hubs and i sit down and write out our intentions and goals for the upcoming year. we cover every aspect of our lives that is important to us and we get *specific with it. after that we share them with each other and bury them in the ground. by living inside of the context of our intentions and holding each other accountable, we’ve had great success meeting our goals each year. in 2012 we scratched a big one off the list. we bought our first home! when we set the intention we had a whopping $0 saved and didn’t even know exactly where we wanted to live. we didn’t think we would be able to get a home loan since we’re both self-employed. but somehow, some way, the universe provided and we got the keys to the perrrrfect place just 5 months later. that’s not to say that it happened magically. it didn’t. we didn’t sit on the couch eating crunchy curls “manifesting” a home. it required a Lot of hard work and sacrifice and patience. (most Good things do.) but we didn’t let not knowing how it was gonna happen stop us from moving towards it. knowing that anything is possible, i’m excited to see what next year brings.

2012 was such a whirlwind for me… and such a fun year. i think i had more fun in 2012 than any other year. now That’s an accomplishment! =) and it ain’t over yet… happy new year, y’all!!!

hold them close.


“hold them close.”

those are the words that have been echoing through my mind the past few days.

hold them close. hug them. love them. tell them they’re good enough. listen to them. appreciate each moment with them. hold them close.

it’s unimaginable for me to put myself in the shoes of the 20 sets of parents that just lost their babies. i literally can’t imagine it. my mind won’t let my heart begin to feel that kind of earth-shattering pain. in such a time of complete devastation and confusion, we question everything. why did this happen? what does this mean about our nation that this keeps happening? how do we stop this? how could someone murder innocent children?

i don’t know. i wish i did. my only answer is – “hold them close.” not just now in the midst of this horrific tragedy, but always. hold them close. hug them. love them. tell them they’re good enough. listen to them. appreciate each moment with them.

hold them close.

lead them down a path of light. encourage them. expose them to a life of positivity and creativity. create lines of open communication. turn off the tv. turn off the 6 o’clock news. (for the love of god, please, turn off the 6 o’clock news.) turn off the video games. connect with them at the most raw, human levels. laugh. play. talk. foster their self expression. be an advocate for their health. go outside. connect with nature. tell them the truth. do the work on yourself so that you can provide (y)our children with opportunities you never had. help them when they’re in need. it’s our responsibility to do better. it’s our responsibility to help our children grow into conscious, loving adults. it’s our responsibility to hold them close.

it’s a bird, it’s a plane…

…it’s a flying amora and the launch of my new website! we’ve been working hard on streamlining my online presence. as my work diversified over the years, so did my websites. well, they didn’t so much diversify as straight-up multiply. i had 3 different domains for my work – ouch. now we’ve created a place where my photographic multiple personality disorder has a cohesive place to call home. πŸ˜‰ check out the new! many thanks to my super talented hubby over at beClicking for all the hard work.

good life.

summer is (way past) officially over and i am officially home for a few weeks. it’s been a whirlwind of what seemed like endless travel and amazing photo shoots. i love, love, love what i do and this life that we’ve so carefully crafted. i love that my kid has a stamp in her passport at 2 years old. i love that we haven’t let all the “adult” responsibilities dull our love for life. yes, we have a child. yes, we own a home. yes, we have pets to care for and a garden to tend to. but that doesn’t stop us from pursuing our dreams and Living It Up.

it’s not always easy being on the go. in fact, it’s quite exhausting at times especially with a toddler in tow. but i feel the pull deep down in my heart to continue on the path that feels most authentic for me despite the foggy moments of weary travel, the constant change of the time zones and the interrupted sleep cycles.

it’s moments like these (see above) that really break my heart wide open with gratitude. it’s moments like these that can’t be replaced or recreated. full moon, warm waves, beautiful people celebrating love in a breathtaking setting…Β it’s a good life.


hey, i’m fast!

a friend of mine sent me a text a few days ago saying that one of my images was featured in an article online. i didn’t pay that much attention to it because people are always pulling my images from flickr and using them in blogs, articles, etc. i used to try to hunt down every person i found that was using my images without my permission and without proper credit, but i long since surrendered to the major blunder of posting your work online. copyright issues. well, when i finally took the time to check out the link, i realized it was a photography website that i’m a fan of that actually featured my work. and it wasn’t one, but two of my images in their top 100 list. how cool! the title of the article is “100 Stunning Photos That Freeze Time With a Fast Shutter.” check out the article and the other amazing featured images here.

yay for being fast! =)

weather the storm.

sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the weather of life. my vision gets so cloudy that it’s hard to see what’s waiting on the other side. but with a little faith and (a lotta) patience, my distorted view will inevitably get flipped right side up… sunny side up. in just the blink of an eye. with the presence awareness and mindfulness, my world view can instantly transform from grey & rainy to vibrant & illuminated. thanks for the constant reminders, mama nature, you’re the best.