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carlos + gianna (+ milo). engaged.

these two are super special. i’ve known carlos for lots and lots of years, but i’ll never forget the day that i met gianna. i met her on my wedding day. she and carlos had just started dating and were already talking about forever. he was So into her and they seemed so comfortable together, it was so effortless. she put together my bouquet for me and the rest is history. carlos and gianna are one of those couples that you just wanna be around. they’re fun and creative and passionate and intelligent and playful and driven. (and they have the cutest dog named milo who they dote on like a baby. it’s ridiculously cute. =) i’ve loved watching their love story reveal itself and i love that i get to be a part of it. i can’t wait for your big day! love you guys!


bridge + david :: engaged.

these two are pretty neat. bridge just happens to be one of my longest, bestest friends and one of my favorite human beings. if you’ve been following my work for awhile, you might recognize her. she and david balance each other out beautifully. they knew exactly what they wanted for their engagement photos, and they wanted to keep it simple and significant to their relationship. when they first started dating, david used to drive across this bridge to get to see *his bridge. pretty sweet.


instead of the traditional engagement ring scenario, they chose to each wear an engagement ring, which will then be a wedding ring. love it! they told me a sweet story about how technology plays into their relationship and communication. instead of david calling bridge to tell her that he had gotten his ring resized, he sent a photo of his freshly engaged ring finger to her phone. =)

their wedding is going to be a ridiculously amazing event to be remembered. there is nothing traditional about these two except that they love each other unconditionally. life for them is always an adventure, and always an unique expression. =) i’m sooooo looking forward to seeing what they create for their wedding in july! love you guys!

mikey + robyn :: engaged.

this engagement session was just a little extra special. maybe it was the perfectly timed sun beams shooting through the background of our chosen setting. maybe it was the fact that mikey is an amazing musician and brought his guitar to serenade robyn. maybe it’s the fact that these two are insanely Fun and creative. or maybe it’s the fact that they’re family. mikey was the best man in our wedding, and i’m just thrilled to be able to capture their love in frames on their wedding day.  i was so inspired shooting these photos – they had me running through the woods trying to get the shot. love that. so happy for  you two!