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weather the storm.

sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the weather of life. my vision gets so cloudy that it’s hard to see what’s waiting on the other side. but with a little faith and (a lotta) patience, my distorted view will inevitably get flipped right side up… sunny side up. in just the blink of an eye. with the presence awareness and mindfulness, my world view can instantly transform from grey & rainy to vibrant & illuminated. thanks for the constant reminders, mama nature, you’re the best.


finish line.

as you’ve probably noticed i’ve long since stopped posting daily.  i committed to a new post each day in 2012 and effectively bit off more than i could chew. i didn’t reach my goal. not even close! the last time i did a daily project, it was challenging, but i saw it through and was able to make it a priority in my life each day. this time around it was a completely different experience. i’m a mama now, i’m a homeowner now, i’m a much busier business owner now. and i fell off pace and off path of my commitment here. my life is beautifully chaotic and adding another daily ritual to the mix just threw off the balance of the existing (carefully placed) madness.

what i realized through this process is this – i am not committed to blogging daily at this point in my life. that’s it. pretty simple, huh? i could give you thousands of reasons and excuses why, but none of that really matters. what matters is that i acknowledge my shortcoming, learn from it and keep moving forward.

so, here i am. i’m declaring the daily photo project of 2012 complete. this is the finish line. it’s not exactly how i envisioned it ending, but i’m proud of my effort and i feel confident that it’s time to officially call it quits… and in the next breath, i’m ready to declare a new beginning that i feel can enrich my life, push me creatively and fit into my busy life – weekly blog posts. =)

love, love, love.

license to cute. day one sixty.

i love this photo. amora looks like a badass little babe in her badass red jeep. =)

(see previous post to learn about her tricked out jeep)

need for speed. day one fifty nine.

my hubs is the biggest super geek of all time. in fact, he’s sort of a genius. we found a broke down, dirty, ugly old power wheels at a garage sale. he decided to trick it out for amora for her birthday. he painted it cherry red and black (it was wimpy pink and purple before), fixed the motor and rigged to a remote control system so that he could drive her around the backyard. one of her favorite things to do is to “drive” our car, which consists of her sitting in the driver’s seat and pushing a bunch of buttons. this totally fulfills her need for speed and saves me from the shock of turning on my car that’s blaring music with the windshield wipers pumping and the hazards on. 😉

cake. (!)

i just love her. and i’ve got birthday photos for weeks!

birthday girl.

today my baby turned 2. it’s official. she’s not a baby anymore. she’s a fiercely fun Kid. i believe that language is a powerful tool that can either work for or against you, so we are declaring this to be the year of  “terrific twos.” i would never call my girl “terrible” and i would never want to create that future for her to live into. honestly, i find the term “terrible twos” to be insulting to the little ones who are going through so much change and really trying to discover who they are. it’s just downright demeaning. it’s not easy being a toddler, but i know that if i create an open, loving, communicative, Fun space for her, she will thrive. so, bring on the terrific-ness! =)

i’m so super excited to see what this year brings for her and who she chooses to be as she grows into herself even more. happy birthday, amora! you are my sunshine and i love you eternally. <3

jill + billy :: married.

last weekend i had the honor of shooting one of the most exciting weddings i’ve ever experienced. jill and billy created a whimsical, honest, unique and Heartfelt adventure for their guests. the gorgeous bride carried a bouquet of pinwheels(!), the table settings included mason jars equipped with silly photo props on sticks, the ceremony was held in front of a wall of colorful paper streamers and the venue was Bursting with love. i mean BURSTING. the ceremony was filled with roaring laughter, countless tears, the wedding party’s own live rendition of “seasons of love” and lots of dancing down the aisle. oh, and a match of rock, paper, scissors for good measure. jill and billy really know who they are individually and as a couple and they know how to have a good time, but what really stood out the most was their love for one another. it was so powerful and so palpable that all of the guests were visibly impacted by it. so much so that when it came time for the toasts 25 people were moved to speak. 25 people! (similarly, i want to share about 25 photos, but i’ll do my best to restrain myself for the sake of your scroll button.)

i’m thankful that there’s people like them in the world who can so freely express themselves and their love for each other. the powerful way in which they shared their love on their wedding day has left a lasting impression on everyone that was fortunate enough to witness it. thank you jill and billy for allowing me to capture it. you two are truly extraordinary.

home. day one fifty two.


i could not be happier to be home after 2 long, tough weeks on the road (much without cell reception or internet).

pure love. day one forty five.

beautiful nonah and her beautiful mama.

dollface. day one forty four.

meet nonah. she is the quintessential doll baby and just flat out delicious.  spending time with this smiley face actually made me miss having an infant. her parents are Fun and creative and sweet and silly. she is going to have an adventurous, amazing life. what a lucky (and gorgeous) baby!

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