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a few weeks ago i got to photograph the teeniest, tiniest, most adorable little human. his name is pj and he has quite a unique birth story. even though they were planning a hospital birth, pj had different plans for his grand entrance and surprised his parents by arriving Very quickly at home in bed. wow! his mama is such a trooper. every time i spend time around newborns i’m baffled by how small they really are… sounds silly coming from a mama, but it’s true. they are just magical little beings.




gorgeous baby, gorgeous mama. pure sweetness.


today i got to spend some time with a brand new teeny tiny newborn, hunter. are they really ever this small??? it seems like such a distant memory. hunter is beautiful and such a mellow, content lil guy. a total sweetheart. congrats, hileigh and michael, he’s just perfect. =)

birthday boy.

it’s good to be 2. i love this kid.


(hmmm… i wonder how he got soaked… 😉 )

birthday girl.

today my baby turned 2. it’s official. she’s not a baby anymore. she’s a fiercely fun Kid. i believe that language is a powerful tool that can either work for or against you, so we are declaring this to be the year of  “terrific twos.” i would never call my girl “terrible” and i would never want to create that future for her to live into. honestly, i find the term “terrible twos” to be insulting to the little ones who are going through so much change and really trying to discover who they are. it’s just downright demeaning. it’s not easy being a toddler, but i know that if i create an open, loving, communicative, Fun space for her, she will thrive. so, bring on the terrific-ness! =)

i’m so super excited to see what this year brings for her and who she chooses to be as she grows into herself even more. happy birthday, amora! you are my sunshine and i love you eternally. <3

dollface. day one forty four.

meet nonah. she is the quintessential doll baby and just flat out delicious.  spending time with this smiley face actually made me miss having an infant. her parents are Fun and creative and sweet and silly. she is going to have an adventurous, amazing life. what a lucky (and gorgeous) baby!

jam session. day one hundred twelve.

love this lil rocker dude. he has quite possibly the best name ever: Wilder. =)

it’s so fun to capture kiddos in their natural habitats, doing what they love to do. wilder loves his guitar and he loves to swim naked in his baby pool in the backyard. he also loves to have (fake) tattoos just like his super cool daddy. he is such a cute, rough-and-tumble lil guy!

eva. day one hundred eleven.

just can’t get enough of that baby eva.

sunshine. day one hundred ten.

some babies have all the luck. meet eva kay. she has two of the most loving and coolest parents on the planet. one of them is a real life rockstar and the other is a… real life rockstar. this baby is infused with music – she’s been on the stage since she was in the womb, learning harmonies by osmosis. at 5 months young she’s already singing up a storm with her amazing parents. she coos and caaaas and ooooos and aaaahhhs and it’s just too stinkin’ cute to see how excited she gets by music. in addition to being clearly very talented musically =), eva is also one of the happiest and friendliest babies i’ve ever met. she’s always smiling and giggling and open to new people. what a lil ball of sunshine! big things await this magnetic chickadee. love, love, love her. and her amazing parents.