matthew + krystal :: married.

matthew and krystal had one of the most stylized, creative and authentic weddings i’ve seen. they’re both avid film lovers who work in the industry, so they (oh-so-appropriately) chose the silent movie theatre in hollywood as their venue. the red carpet was rolled out for the guests’ arrival. we set up a couple lights and i got the chance to use my paparazzi skills to photograph them as they entered the venue. most of their guests even dressed the part for a film noir style evening. together matthew and krystal shot, edited and starred in a ridiculously fun short film titled “A Dame To Remember” that was shown before the ceremony. they said their vows on stage in front of the big screen and krystal wore a classic, red-carpet worthy red dress. of course it wouldn’t be a film inspired wedding without the popcorn and soda bar and the (delicious!) food truck parked in front of the venue taking orders for dinner. to say that the wedding process is filled with pressure and societal rules would be a drastic understatement. i so admire how true they stayed to themselves in crafting their big day… and it turned out beautiful. i just love seeing a creative wedding. congrats, matthew and krystal!


6 thoughts on “matthew + krystal :: married.

  1. Okey C Adkins says:

    Wonderful pix, but with such a beautiful bride and a hansom groom, you can’t go wrong. The wedding looked great. I am so happy for you two. Best of luck in the future. Love y-all.

  2. Ann Faller says:

    Love the Pics…As A Family that was not able to make the Wedding, I’m so glad you shared these….

  3. Kathleen Lance says:

    The wedding pictures are beautiful. Both Krystal and Matthew look wonderful! You are a lovely and wonderful couple.

    Love, Mom “Kathy”

  4. Kathleen Lance says:

    Pictures are wonderful! Krystal and Matthew are a very handsome couple. I loved the wedding.



  5. Elaine Henderson says:

    Congratulations to both of you! The pictures are beautiful. Love you both,


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