good life.

summer is (way past) officially over and i am officially home for a few weeks. it’s been a whirlwind of what seemed like endless travel and amazing photo shoots. i love, love, love what i do and this life that we’ve so carefully crafted. i love that my kid has a stamp in her passport at 2 years old. i love that we haven’t let all the “adult” responsibilities dull our love for life. yes, we have a child. yes, we own a home. yes, we have pets to care for and a garden to tend to. but that doesn’t stop us from pursuing our dreams and Living It Up.

it’s not always easy being on the go. in fact, it’s quite exhausting at times especially with a toddler in tow. but i feel the pull deep down in my heart to continue on the path that feels most authentic for me despite the foggy moments of weary travel, the constant change of the time zones and the interrupted sleep cycles.

it’s moments like these (see above) that really break my heart wide open with gratitude. it’s moments like these that can’t be replaced or recreated. full moon, warm waves, beautiful people celebrating love in a breathtaking setting…┬áit’s a good life.


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