baby’s (almost) first hair cut.

amora2a couple weeks ago amora started asking for a hair cut. she’s never had one before and she’s Super into her long hair, so her request seemed to come from left field. everyone comments on how beautiful her hair is. seriously. everyone. it’s become such a part of her identity. the kid is all hair and eyes according to the outside world. when i told people she was going to get her hair cut they were so upset and begged *me not to do it.

“but it’s so beautiful!” “what if she loses her curls?!” “you can’t let her do it!”

well, then she loses her curls. and she’ll be beautiful with a paper sack on her head because the kid has a beautiful heart.

i never want to be a controlling parent who doesn’t trust my kid’s decisions. i don’t force her to wear things she doesn’t want to wear or eat things she doesn’t want to eat. i try to let her feel like she has a say in her own life. if she wants to get her hair cut, i will support her. if she wants to wear stripes and polka dots and tie dye at the same time, i will support her. after all, it’s not my body or my self-expression… it’s hers.

so, much to everyone else’s dismay, i set up an appointment for the next week with a cousin in-law who is a hair stylist. the entire week amora excitedly told everyone she talked to that she was getting a hair cut. and i mean everyone – servers at restaurants, new friends at the pool, random people walking down the street… the kid likes to talk.

the day before her appointment i decided to do one last photo shoot to show off her long locks and bouncy curls. (see above.) i even got a mini hair flip out of her! that’s my girl!

well, the big day arrives and all of a sudden she’s having doubts. it seems as though she’s changed her mind. we still go to the appointment to give her the opportunity and she wants nothing to do with it. such a typical 3 year old flip-flop move. πŸ˜‰ i didn’t want to pressure her either way, so i respected her “no” and we moved on. it’s funny how quickly things change. so, long hair remains and the kid feels empowered in her choice and i got some cute new photos. it’s a win-win-win.

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sister love.

these two little girls are the sweetest siblings i’ve ever seen. they are so affectionate and kind to each other, it’s really inspiring. they even had their own language. almost made me wish i had a sister! i just loved photographing them.



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carlos + gianna. married.

carlos and gianna couldn’t have picked a more ideal setting for their wedding day. we traveled to a small beach town in mexico called sayulita. it had a charm and an authenticity to it that most touristy places in mexico have lost. the ceremony and reception were held at hotel villa amor and it was just flat-out Gorgeous with its sweeping ocean views from the top of the cliff. this wedding was one of my all time faves for many reasons. i love destination weddings and the opportunity to explore new places. i love working with a creative, (super) laid-back couple. i love all the little details that were sprinkled throughout the ceremony and reception. but most of all – i Love these two people and there’s nothing more fulfilling for me than capturing the wedding day of loved ones… and i love that they asked my little blue-eyed beauty of a daughter to be their flower girl. (even though she got total stage fright and refused to walk down the aisle alone! but that’s a different blog post.)

congrats, carlos and g! the whole experience was ridiculously amazing. all of it. now here comes way too many photos for a blog post… i just can’t help myself.

get ready 4

IMG_8645detailsceremony 3 IMG_8764portrait 3portrait bportrait 4dancing


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be mine.


happy valentine’s day, y’all! go get your love on. =)

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carlos + gianna (+ milo). engaged.

these two are super special. i’ve known carlos for lots and lots of years, but i’ll never forget the day that i met gianna. i met her on my wedding day. she and carlos had just started dating and were already talking about forever. he was So into her and they seemed so comfortable together, it was so effortless. she put together my bouquet for me and the rest is history. carlos and gianna are one of those couples that you just wanna be around. they’re fun and creative and passionate and intelligent and playful and driven. (and they have the cutest dog named milo who they dote on like a baby. it’s ridiculously cute. =) i’ve loved watching their love story reveal itself and i love that i get to be a part of it. i can’t wait for your big day! love you guys!




“A smile is a curve that sets everything else straight.” – Phyllis Diller


matthew + krystal :: married.

matthew and krystal had one of the most stylized, creative and authentic weddings i’ve seen. they’re both avid film lovers who work in the industry, so they (oh-so-appropriately) chose the silent movie theatre in hollywood as their venue. the red carpet was rolled out for the guests’ arrival. we set up a couple lights and i got the chance to use my paparazzi skills to photograph them as they entered the venue. most of their guests even dressed the part for a film noir style evening. together matthew and krystal shot, edited and starred in a ridiculously fun short film titled “A Dame To Remember” that was shown before the ceremony. they said their vows on stage in front of the big screen and krystal wore a classic, red-carpet worthy red dress. of course it wouldn’t be a film inspired wedding without the popcorn and soda bar and the (delicious!) food truck parked in front of the venue taking orders for dinner. to say that the wedding process is filled with pressure and societal rules would be a drastic understatement. i so admire how true they stayed to themselves in crafting their big day… and it turned out beautiful. i just love seeing a creative wedding. congrats, matthew and krystal!


freedom and flight.


β€œHe was not bone and feather but a perfect idea of freedom and flight, limited by nothing at all.” – Richard Bach, Jonathan Livingston Seagull

(one of my favorite books by one of my favorite authors.)



a few weeks ago i got to photograph the teeniest, tiniest, most adorable little human. his name is pj and he has quite a unique birth story. even though they were planning a hospital birth, pj had different plans for his grand entrance and surprised his parents by arriving Very quickly at home in bed. wow! his mama is such a trooper. every time i spend time around newborns i’m baffled by how small they really are… sounds silly coming from a mama, but it’s true. they are just magical little beings.



happy new year!


it’s my favorite holiday! i love new year’s eve. and i love creating each year from scratch on new year’s day. most of you know by now that i don’t make new year’s resolutions. i set very clear intentions. each year the hubs and i sit down and write out our intentions and goals for the upcoming year. we cover every aspect of our lives that is important to us and we get *specific with it. after that we share them with each other and bury them in the ground. by living inside of the context of our intentions and holding each other accountable, we’ve had great success meeting our goals each year. in 2012 we scratched a big one off the list. we bought our first home! when we set the intention we had a whopping $0 saved and didn’t even know exactly where we wanted to live. we didn’t think we would be able to get a home loan since we’re both self-employed. but somehow, some way, the universe provided and we got the keys to the perrrrfect place just 5 months later. that’s not to say that it happened magically. it didn’t. we didn’t sit on the couch eating crunchy curls “manifesting” a home. it required a Lot of hard work and sacrifice and patience. (most Good things do.) but we didn’t let not knowing how it was gonna happen stop us from moving towards it. knowing that anything is possible, i’m excited to see what next year brings.

2012 was such a whirlwind for me… and such a fun year. i think i had more fun in 2012 than any other year. now That’s an accomplishment! =) and it ain’t over yet… happy new year, y’all!!!

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